Private tuition is an excellent opportunity to work one to one (or more) on any subject of your choice under the guidance of Chris Petherwick.

Feel free to contact Chris about having a private lesson in the following:


Muay Thai

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

Wrestling (Freestyle, Submission)


Technique and Form

Sparring, tactics and principles

Grading Syllabus (Kickboxing)


Multiple Attacker Defence

Private tuition will have a positive influence on your training and will accelerate progression. It will expand your knowledge, not just in technique but through the Martial Arts in general. You may work on areas you feel are weak or on areas you wish to improve on. 

You will have undivided attention for the whole class and you may also want to practise techniques which are only occasionally practised in class. 

It is also common for students to train under private tuition when they are unable to attend class for any length of time due to work or holidays etc. This not only maintains their attendance record for grading but also maintains their training. Sessions are booked per hour.